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Dry Iron Press (EL000008)

1,100.00 630.00

Product Code EL000008
Point(s) 1.2
CB 40
Type Iron
Brand Olympus
Quantity 1 pcs

47 in stock

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Although ironing your clothes may be a necessity, it can often harm your fabric, which is why is it essential to get an iron that understands the type of clothes you deal with and at the same time gives you utmost convenience as ironing can often prove to be stressful. Bring home the Olympus Hero Dry Iron and find in it all the features that you ever needed in an iron. The hand grip is ergonomically designed to provide you with a comfortable grip while ironing your clothes. The cord is 25% longer than your regular irons which makes it highly convenient and promotes portability. There is also the presence of a 2-way LED indicator which helps you keep a track while working with this iron.


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